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Nestled like a private oasis on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River is the Berry Barn’s newest attraction, The Berry Patch. In the midst of our berry grove sits over an acre of private gardens featuring stunning floral arrangements, a pond, waterfall, and stream. Besides the beautiful landscaping, decks, a fire pit, and sand volleyball court awaits your next function. The Berry Patch is ideal for any outdoor group function as it has a relaxed country setting and is only minutes from Saskatoon.
The Berry Patch can accommodate 130-140 people with the chairs and tables we currently have. The tents are gutter connected and the sides can be placed on if the weather does not cooperate. There is ample room to expand if numbers are larger (we have had groups as large as 400
people). Extra tents, chairs, tables, linens, and any other rentals can be done through Handy Special Event Centre 1-306-933-2727.
We, at The Berry Barn/Patch, hope that the information provided in this outline will help you plan your function with us and we promise to give our utmost care to make it a memorable one.
  • All prices and food choices are subject to change.
  • All prices are subject to an environmental charge.
  • All meals are served buffet style.
  • A 12% gratuity on meals/food is applied.
  • The Berry Patch DOES NOT ALLOW OUTSIDE FOOD to be brought in.
  • A Service Charge of $200.00 will be applied to Merv’s Pitchfork fondue for groups under 40 people and to any other meals under 50 people.
  • Rental fee for the Dance Floor is $150.00. Wood deck 20X20 – fits exactly one tent.
  • Use of the fire pit and a supply of wood $65.00.
  • Use of the Sand Volleyball Court and volleyball $40.00.
  • Use of both the fire pit and sand volleyball court $80.00.
  • The Berry Barn asks that no artificial flowers of any kind are used for the entry of the bridal party as they are difficult to clean up.
  • The Berry Barn/Patch is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.
  • The Berry Barn/Patch does not guarantee weather conditions.
  • All functions are to end at 10:00 PM and VACATE by 10:30 PM.
  • Parents are responsible for their children.
  • No animals allowed.
  • Smokers are asked to use the fire pit.
  • Functions may use The Berry Patch for 3 hours. After this period of time, a charge of$40.00 per hour is accrued (this does not pertain to weddings).
  • No vehicles are permitted to drive to The Berry Patch (permission may be given for special needs). IF NOT, a $200.00 charge will be applied.
  • Please DO NOT ATTACH anything to the tents.


A meeting will be arranged between The Berry Barn personnel and the Renter as soon as most plans are made:
  1. Usually 2-3 months before when the renter is having a wedding ceremony, reception and/or dance,
  2. 1-2 weeks before if only a ceremony is to occur.
Expected Times / Prices
  • CEREMONY ONLY (2 HOURS) $480.00
  • RECEPTION ONLY (3 HOURS) $1200.00
  • PICTURES ONLY $160.00
  • Due to the delicate nature of wedding cakes, it will be the wedding party’s responsibility to have the cake delivered as well as set it up. Arrangements can be made prior if you wish
  • The Berry Barn to supply disposable plates and forks for a fee of $20.00.
  • Head Table Service available (family style) $25.00
  • Extensive decorating (by The Berry Barn/Patch staff) $25.00 per hour
  • Use of the grounds for photography is included with weddings. Otherwise a charge is applied.
  • Please call for prices on all other FEES APPLIED TO WEDDINGS

Liquor & Permits

  • Alcohol CANNOT be taken out of the Berry Patch gates.
  • It is preferred that ALL liquor be served in plastic and/or Beer cans (a Service Charge of
  • $75.00 will be applied if beer cans are not used)
  • MINORS WILL NOT BE SERVED alcoholic beverages at the bar and will not be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages anywhere on The Berry Barn/Patch property.
  • The Berry Patch staff CANNOT exchange alcohol on the permit.
  • The Berry Patch staff MUST COMPLY with the conditions of the alcohol permit and are not allowed to alter the permit in any way.
  • LIQUOR can be brought to The Berry Patch the day before the function OR the day of. ALL LIQUOR BROUGHT TO THE BERRY PATCH IS TO BE SERVED MUST BE LISTED ON THE LIQUOR PERMIT. Additional liquor MAY NOT be added to the permit by the permit holder. All liquor will be checked against the permit upon delivery to The Berry Patch and shortages will be noted with the permit holder. ALL LIQUOR REMAINING MUST LEAVE THE NIGHT OF THE FUNCTION.
  • BAR TO CLOSE at 10:00 PM with a ½ hour tolerance (at 10:30 PM all liquor must be cleared from the tables)
  • Bar attendant $12.00 per hour.
    • Groups over 100 people require two bartenders.
    • Bartenders are hired for the set up, during function hours, and clean up.
    • Hard Liquor, Beer, and Wine, $3.75 per person. Corkage includes all plastic glasses, ice, soft drinks, juices, lemons, and limes.
    • Wine and Beer only, $1.75 per person. Corkage includes plastic glasses and ice.
Corks from wine must be taken out carefully and thrown in the garbage.
  • An Outdoor Special Occasion Permit must be purchased at a liquor store. The application must be forwarded to Head Office for approval (this takes approximately 10 business days for approval, processing, and mailing). Permits are allowed for a maximum of 8 hours at The Berry Barn/Patch. Four items must be sent to Head Office for approval:
    • Completed application form
    • 2. Signed declaration form
    • 3. Approval letter from the Rural Municipality (RM) of Corman Park (contact Audrey at RM office at 1-306-242-9303)
    • 4. Site plan of The Berry Patch
Any questions regarding liquor permits, please call Jeanie at 1-800-667-7565 or 1-306-787-4252.
Head Office address
Box 5054
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 3M3
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